Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Present

My birthday on 12 Jamadil Awal 1430 fell upon which Malaysian opposition called 1Black Malaysia day, which there were chaos in Perak cause by political parties during first state assembly after Dato Zambry become a so called 'MB haram'.
Dunno what is the wisdom behind it..

By the way this posting is all about aqbal n my birthday present.. On Saturday Aqbal came to my room and just hanging around there for some time. After entertaining Aqbal, I'm continued study for final.. After 30 minutes I realizes there was a orange Nike box on my bed. Thought it might be someone else belonging's and I leave it there. After few minutes, my curiosity drives me to open the box to find the owner.
The special card

When I opened the box I can see a card with word "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AMMAR ". then I realizes it was Aqbal handwriting.. I feel very touched to have that. Not enough with that there also an Arsenal Jersey that I really want to buy.. (Aqbal ni cm tau2 je). I keep the jersey till today and i just try it few minutes ago and it nicely suits me.
My dream jersey

Thanks Aqbal for the card and the jersey. I really appreciate it. Best Friends forever. Good luck for your final exam and internship.


*cinderella* said...

hepi belated!
xtaw birthday ko~
taniah sbb anda da semakin tue!
ak mude lg~
jgn jeles~

ammar said...

kurang ajar kamu.

*cinderella* said...

abal mendapat label!

ammar said...

org special..
dpt la label..