Tuesday, October 21, 2008

making ice in sahara..

hello guys,
did you know that we can make ice in the sahara or any dessert in the world?
the only thing that we need are water and bowl.
it must do in day time.
the step is simple, we just pour the water in the bowl and then leave the bowl at the outside. after a few hours that we observe the water had been turn up to be ice.
amazing huh?
this tips i got from my lecturer prof vijay in heat transfer class. tq prof for trivia of the day.
you know why?
this is because the the water vapor radiates through infinity. that's it.

why this phenomena could not happen in malaysia?
  • malaysia is located at equator.
  • had different climate with dessert.
  • have human activities e.g friction between tyres and road produces water vapor.

that's it for today and we will continue later. actually i have another trivia but i don't have ample time to share because i have to study for my mechatronics test.


hope to see u soon...