Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 2 of EDX 23

Woke up bit early from yesterday but still late for the EDX. Today, Today I change my suit from peach to my white Dapper shirt each. There is nothing to worry today. Today will be the second evaluation who managed to get gold medal for the most impressive award. There were only six group that had chosen from yesterday evaluation.

Some of the groups are Cuppa, akhi group (SMS) and Soleh (EMS). The visitor was decreased to 80% from yesterday it is because there were lecture for today. The exhibition end up t 12 noon and continue with closing ceremony at 2pm. Sorry Lai, I can't make to the closing ceremony. By the way, congratulations for ETP Group 36 that managed to grab silver medal. Good job to all group members.

Nice to work with you all during this exhibition. Actually the exhibition give a great impact to the student itself and visitor. I'm regret that I've never attend EDX but just to times only since I step my foot here.

One of the FYPME prototype

One of the FYPME poster

Akhi (left) from group 70

Booth Group ETP 36

Solleh from group EMS

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First day of EDX23

Wake up quite late make the preparation bit messy.. My group leader Lai Ser Chun, who already at Chancellor complex miscalls me 3 times. Sorry Lai I overslept. Heading to chancellor complex on 8.30am. Very-very late. I should be there around 8.00am to set up the booth.

Then, I go to Chancellor complex with Alep and Piduih. When we arrive there, without wasting an golden time we set up our booth and decorate it. Quite simple because the decoration were done by male. Haha..

The closing ceremony started at 9.30am. It was officiated by Rector. After we went to our booth again. The visitor started to came. We tried to entertain our visitor as best as possible. There were so many visitors who came to our "hot" both. (X putus-putus). The evaluators came at our booth at 11.30pm. We managed to counter all the question. Thanks to all group members who are really-really brilliant.

After that, we keep entertain our beloved visitor. There were so many positive feedback from the crowd. Hope the idea can be implement. So nice that we can share the idea together. The event today finished at 3.00pm. What a hectic day.

Our versatile group leader, Lai

Piduih explains to the visitor

Group ETP 36 me, Adli, Lai, Alep and Piduih (from left)
without Raudah (she got lab)

our prototype:



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Malacca is not affected by the economic recession..

Why I said like that?
It is because there are more shopping complex to exist in this world heritage city.
The one that recently had been officially opened to the public is Mydin Hypermarket located in MITC, Ayer Keroh.

Map show the location of the Mydin Hypermarket

Mydin Hypermarket MITC
The other one that is coming which will be Aeon Jusco. It is located beside Tesco Hypermarket Malacca in Jalan Panglima Awang.

Map show the construction location of Jusco. Stand beside it is Tesco Hypermarket.

I hope that the construction of this new hypermarket will boost the economy and tourism sector in Malacca. Congratulations and thank you to Malacca State Government.


Ban McDonalds

Sejauh manakah keberkesanannya terhadap rakyat malaysia?
Sepanjang tempoh mem'ban' restoran makanan segera ini saya dpt menyaksikan kebanyakan orang tewas dgn nafsu masing-masing,
ada yang berkata

"Jomlah g McD ari ni. Cm da lame je x mkn McD"
"Eh, perang da abes kan? Jomla g McD blk.. da lame kite x mkn kt

Sejauh manakah kemampuan kita untuk menahan nafsu kita. Adakah pemboikoton barangan israel dan sekutunya cuma waktu perang sahaja?
Mengapakah perlu memakan makanan yang agak mahal harganya? sedangkan kita boleh dapat kuantiti yang lebih byk dgn harga sedemikian...
Marilah seluruh umat islam dan rakyat malaysia sekalian agar kita berganding bahu terus memboikot McD dan barang yg support israel demi keamanan sejagat.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Theory of R.A.H.M.A.N

The R.A.H.M.A.N theory is now complete when Najib takes oath as Malaysia 6th PM. This theory or prediction had been done by Syed Al-Attas, the famous malay predictor.
The RAHMAN tells about the prediction of who will be the Malaysia prime minister. RAHMAN is the mnemonic form of initial letter of Malaysia prime minister and the name of first Malaysia Prime Minister.
  • R-Rahman
  • A-Abdul Razak
  • H-Hussein
  • M-Mahathir
  • A-Abdullah
  • N-Najib

Who is Malay?

Physically Malays have tanned skin, medium size of body and righteous person. They are the native of malay peninsular. They live together with immigrant who were force to came here by British during colonial era. Nowadays, there are only half of the population of Malaysia.

To get the definition of Malays, there will be various explanations. If we take from the point of view of social and culture, it is not only apply to whose living in peninsular but apply to Malay Archipelago.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chinese GP Starting Grid

Startung grid for tomorrow F1 GP in China
1. VETTEL Red Bull
2. ALONSO Renault
3. WEBBER Red Bull
5. BUTTON Brawn
6. TRULLI Toyota
7. ROSBERG Williams
8. RAIKKONEN Ferrari
10. BUEMI Toro Rosso
13. MASSA Ferrari
14. NAKAJIMA Williams
15. BOURDAIS Toro Rosso
16. PIQUET Renault
18. SUTIL Force India
19. GLOCK Toyota*
20. FISICHELLA Force India
* five-place penalty for gearbox change


Since UTP had upgrading its internet connection connection from 8Mbps to 155Mbps, I hereby announced that this blog will be reactivate. Thank you MPPUTP,ITMS and UTP for your concern.