Sunday, June 8, 2008


Family Activities

Recite Quran - After Maghrib

Usrah, ta'alim, tazkirah - after Isya'

Family Profile

My Father
Kassim bin Bahali

My Mother
Jamilah bte Ibrahim

Muhammad 'Ammar bin Kassim
Muhammad Imran bin Kassim
Muhammad Ismail bin Kassim
Muhammad Luqman bin Kassim
Muhammad Zulqarnain bin Kassim

Siti Nur Mardhiah bte Kassim
Siti Nur Mawaddah bte Kassim

PetrOl PrIce HiKe

on 6 june malaysia prime minister had announced the new price for petrol and diesel..
this action had caused some uncomfortable situations among malaysians..
just after the announcement all petrol station around malaysia had been raid to get the last drop of cheap fuel..
here are some picture that i had been taken at night around 11pm at bemban PETRONAS petrol station..

MalAysIa 1st ReVolViNg ToWer

~it is located at bandar hilir Malacca..
~it's height is 110 m
~last Thursday on 5th june my family and i went to the tower to experience the most scenic
panorama of Malacca...
~known as Taming Sari tower
there were so many visitor on that day..
we're lucky that we arrived early at the tower to bought the ticket..
we don't have to wait a very long time to get on the tower..
there were nine minutes experience on that tower...
2 minutes to lift up..
5 minutes to revolved on the height of 80 meters
and 2 minutes to go down..
during that moment there was some problem that we encounter during the lift up that had rise panic among visitor..
but the officer managed to handle the situation.
here are some pictures that i have took..

eXamInaTioN MonTh

see u again..
what a hectic month i have..
it has been long time i hold my blogging because the examination i had in may.
there are something that i would like to share with u..
there were some of my friends that had been caught red handed for cheating during examination.
both of my friends involve were girls..
poor on them..
this incident happen on the last day of the examination...
i end my examination on 30th may which is the last day of the examination..