Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First day of EDX23

Wake up quite late make the preparation bit messy.. My group leader Lai Ser Chun, who already at Chancellor complex miscalls me 3 times. Sorry Lai I overslept. Heading to chancellor complex on 8.30am. Very-very late. I should be there around 8.00am to set up the booth.

Then, I go to Chancellor complex with Alep and Piduih. When we arrive there, without wasting an golden time we set up our booth and decorate it. Quite simple because the decoration were done by male. Haha..

The closing ceremony started at 9.30am. It was officiated by Rector. After we went to our booth again. The visitor started to came. We tried to entertain our visitor as best as possible. There were so many visitors who came to our "hot" both. (X putus-putus). The evaluators came at our booth at 11.30pm. We managed to counter all the question. Thanks to all group members who are really-really brilliant.

After that, we keep entertain our beloved visitor. There were so many positive feedback from the crowd. Hope the idea can be implement. So nice that we can share the idea together. The event today finished at 3.00pm. What a hectic day.

Our versatile group leader, Lai

Piduih explains to the visitor

Group ETP 36 me, Adli, Lai, Alep and Piduih (from left)
without Raudah (she got lab)

our prototype:

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