Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 2 of EDX 23

Woke up bit early from yesterday but still late for the EDX. Today, Today I change my suit from peach to my white Dapper shirt each. There is nothing to worry today. Today will be the second evaluation who managed to get gold medal for the most impressive award. There were only six group that had chosen from yesterday evaluation.

Some of the groups are Cuppa, akhi group (SMS) and Soleh (EMS). The visitor was decreased to 80% from yesterday it is because there were lecture for today. The exhibition end up t 12 noon and continue with closing ceremony at 2pm. Sorry Lai, I can't make to the closing ceremony. By the way, congratulations for ETP Group 36 that managed to grab silver medal. Good job to all group members.

Nice to work with you all during this exhibition. Actually the exhibition give a great impact to the student itself and visitor. I'm regret that I've never attend EDX but just to times only since I step my foot here.

One of the FYPME prototype

One of the FYPME poster

Akhi (left) from group 70

Booth Group ETP 36

Solleh from group EMS


eQeEn! said...

pesal gmba solleh tercapub di cni~

ammar said...

solleh menang gold medal tu..
+ promote la sket ex mozac..
hebat tu..