Sunday, August 10, 2008

UTP pesta bola merdeka

History was created in UTP
20 august 2008 UTP field(pitch a) 6pm

Today's mission is to seek revenge by secure the win and emerge as champion.
In the first half both team show good quality of game. Both teams attacks each other. About 13 minute after kick-off amin score the first and the only goal of the game when their defenders make a mistake. Azzuri feels the pressure now. There was some
In the second half, the game turn boring, when only the azzuri do the attacking and the X-bounders just defend themselves.
After full time the result was 1-0. They managed to create history by to be the only time defeated Azzuri. The best result before this was hold by Buya marinos when the margin was only 1. Congratulations to X-bounders and thanks to all supporters and Buya Marinos.

Before the game


Enter the pitch

X-bounders and their die hard fans

Supporters crowd the field to give the moral boosts

x-bounders make it to final
16 august 2008 UTP field(pitch a) 6pm

x-bounders mission today is to make it to final and they really did it by defeat santana 3-1.
The D-day for X-bounders will be on 20th august 2008. The final showdown is between X-bounders and Azzuri.
Wan Serat as The Defender

Aslam, Sha n half of piduih(from left)

Agan, Minud n Aqbal(from left)

Matzam, Jaf(blocked), Wan, n Ustat (from left)

Roy as the manager of day

x-bounders thrash 4-1 by azzuri

13 august 2008 UTP field(pitch a) 6pm

Both team enter the pitch for a mission, that was seek for a win. On early of the game x-bounders got a corner kick which had been completed by header from zick. Then, the azzuri start to feel the pressure and increase the tempo of the game and attacks. After that, they managed to equalize when there was some misunderstanding in front of the goal. The 1st half ended with 1-1.

After half time, some substitution had been made by x-bounders to remain stay in the comfort zone. They were very confident that they will not lose this game. unfortunately, the game on 2nd half was bad. All passing, attacking and defending is not working efficiently as in 1st half. This situation managed the azzuri to score 3 goal to make the result 4-1 when full time.

Now, they hope their young brothers can steal a point from onitsuka tigers this friday to make sure they qualify for next round.

X-bounders lines up:
Wan serat
Wan joke
Piduih Doa recitation from sheikh

Shake hands session

Players enter to the pitch

Before the kick off

Sheikh ran to the ball

x-bounders vs onitsuka tiger (0-0)
10 august 2008 (pitch A UTP field)

this game was played based on 9th site rules.
on the 1st half the result is 0-0.
the game were quite interesting where both team were attacks each other.

on the second half which started around 7.00pm
the pace of the game was slower than 1st half and four substitutions had been made to make effort for a goal.

lastly, both teams share a points with 0-0 as final result.

x-bounders lines up
-amin -aslam(gk) -jo -wan -ayang -wan joke -paid -matzam -aqbal -sheikh

warm up from onitsuka

x-bounders training led by aslam

bido - x-bounders die hard fan

ustat chasing the ball

grab for the ball

buya marinos vs azzuri [1-2 ]
11 august 2008 6.00pm[pitch A utp field]

on the 1st half the result is 1-0 which azzuri take the lead..
according to the goalkeeper, the goal is intentionally given to opponent because to give some lesson to his teammates...

on the second half which started around 6.30pm
azzuri done more attacks than 1st half and the buya's show much better perfomance than 1st half game.

buya's got the golden oppurtunity when referee gave penalty to buya's when the azzuri's defender had handball. the penalty was scored by badet... result now is 1-1...

then just before the fulltime azzuri got corner and unfortunately the very talented defender of buya's had an own goal...

final score, azzuri won over buya marinos with 2-1

buya marinos lines up
-badet -angke -manda -den -apih -aripan -ki -bad -rafi -aimang -sepol (gk)
den, saiful (gk), manda, and badet
organizer with referee and linesman azzuri's line up
buya marinos lines up

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