Saturday, August 16, 2008

IW sukaneka

[Saturday, 16 August 2008, 8am-12pm]
First, I had been offered by aslam on the friday night to join the sukaneka to replace wan serat.
It started a bit late around 830-900am.
this sukaneka plays based on the malay traditional game. every checkpoint will play one game each. time for each checkpoint is 10 minute. after that, we will proceed to next checkpoint.
first game was teng-teng. we complete until the level 6. the man of the match was cepul
then proceed to batu seremban checkpoint. man of the match for this game was kamal.
third checkpoint we play tarik upih, but we have to tarik pelepah. we recorded as the fastest which is 2.32 minutes. man of the match was ustat.
next, we have to anyam the ketupat. we managed to get about 100+ mark. each perfect ketupat get 10 mark. we got 9 perfect ketupat.
last games was regu. we managed to finish all problems. so do other group.

then, we got our refreshment at v3 cafe.
we managed to get in the final which we will play tuju selipar..
and lastly we were crown as the champion..
what a nice weekend...

seek for glory

aqbal-the hottest person of the day

L4 mates- clockwise[solleh,aslam,cepul,me,ustat]

after had been declared as winner

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